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Optimyzee is an AI-powered Ad Management tool that structures and optimizes Google Ads campaigns in a few minutes, just like a senior PPC specialist.

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Why to use Optimyzee

Why to use Optimyzee

To stay ahead, you must be able to show the unique value your business offers. Marketing strategy and the professionalism of marketers is the key point to build a strong online presence and to take the business to the next level and provide a unique advantage over competitors.

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What Optimyzee offers

  • Search Campaign Structure Power

    A Google search campaign structure is crucial to your PPC success. Search Network campaigns are inseparable from your marketing strategy and business goals.Optimyzee will provide full relevancy across all steps improving your CTR, CVR rates and Quality Score.

    Search Campaign Structure Power
  • Keyword Planner

    With Optimyzee keyword suggestions you will get the most relevant keywords for your business based on AI research. No more getting lost in the numerous keywords trying to decide which ones are the best.

    Keyword Planner
  • RSA Builder

    By analysing your website and the keywords you provided, Optimyzee suggests and adapt headlines and descriptions to display more relevant messages to potential customers. With this AI feature you can easily add the suggested text to your RSA.

    RSA Builder
  • Real Time Ads Validation

    Optimyzee ensures each asset is thoroughly validated before publishing. Easily rectify keywords, ad texts, and more, guaranteeing all elements meet Google Ads' standards.

    Real Time Ads Validation

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